I just tried repurposing a simple algorithm that was running on Coinbase Pro. Since Coinbase Pro has limited symbols to trade I opened an account on Bitfnex in order to trade deeper into the available pool cryptocurrencies. 

Lesson learned: I think the Bitfnex price data is off. Instead of trying to troubleshoot where the error was coming from, I just changed my price feed to GDAX while trading on Bitfnex. 

       SetBrokerageModel(BrokerageName.Bitfinex, AccountType.Cash);
            //loop through our list of symbols and add them to the subscription manager 
            foreach (var symbol in CryptoSymbols)
                var crypto = AddCrypto(symbol, dataRes, Market.GDAX);
                Data.Add(symbol, new SymbolData(crypto.Symbol, crypto.BaseCurrencySymbol));