Hello All! Iam having trouble with finding the best way to order futures contracts. In the university example and the updates to it uses setHoldings(_crude, .75); or setHoldings(_crude, 1); However when you look at the trade logs its ordering something like 978 instead of 1, that is 978 units instead of 1 contract. In each CL contract there are 1000 barrels, so either you should be ordering in sizes of 1000's, or 1's. No broker is going to interpret 978 as 1 contract, and ordering 1 in QC is like ordering 1/1000 of a contract in relation to your equity changes while holding that position of 1. Say that brokers do understand that 1000= 1 contract, if you try to do something like sell -3000 in order to close you 1000 position and open a -2000 position then QC says its invalid because you may not have enough to short -3000 ( even though its really only shorting -2000). Any thoughts on the best most accurate way to order futures contracts that makes sense to brokers?