Hello, I am trying to implement universe selection for cryptos, filtering by technical indicators, for which I need to list all supported symbols, obviously. The only solution I found so far is to download 

raw githubusercontent com/QuantConnect/Lean/master/Data/symbol-properties/symbol-properties-database.csv (why can't I just insert link in comment as it is?)

and filter required symbols from there. 

While this generally works, it doesn't seem like a proper way, also for some symbols I am getting an error because it cannot be converted to USD (something about there is no chain to USD found I think), especially for Binance (I know its not supported), but also for a couple of symbols on Bitfinex (which is supported). And it seems I cannot catch this exception in my code (I guess I could find and override a method where it happens for that though).

So basically, is there a better way to define a crypto universe?