hi all respected programmers

I have a custom built zigzag indicator and a dashboard built based on the zigzag indicator.

I want a ptogrammer who can automate/backtest/optimize trading algo-system based on my execution criteria using the zigzag+dashbozard using my Oanda Live Account.

the system watching all the symbols @ Oanda ( around 45 FX pairs + CFD's).

I want to do the trading execution thru Oanda FXTrade platform not Oanda's MT4.

my questions:

1- Will the system be public after get coded ? anybody can see its code ? or anybody can use it except me ?

2- How is the execution speed / performance thru Oanda from quantconnect ?

3- how is the price of the programming will be decided ?

my email omrangassan@hotmail.com




Here is a screenshot of the dashboard