Live trading IB: GetInitialMarginRequirement?

Hi, I was wondering how can I check initialMarginRequirement for specific security programmatically before executing the order and calculating it's quantity? What Security Margin Model does live trading algo implement. How can I access IB's initial margin requirements? 

Thanky you in advance for help! 

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The security margin model has a few methods that can help determine the margin requirements.  The method GetInitialMarginRequiredForOrder(Security security, Order order) gets the total margin required to execute the specified order in units of the account currency including fees. If there is no order, a more general method GetInitialMarginRequirement(Security security) gets the percentage of an order's absolute cost that must be held in free cash in order to place the order.


Gurumeher Sawhney  thank you! 

But as I understand GetInitialMarginRequiredForOrder is a protected method and can only be called within a class itself or its ancestors. 

At the same time, Securities[symbol].MarginModel property is of IBuyingPowerModel type. 

So to use any method of SecurityMarginModel interface implementation I need to cast that to a proper type then call a public method? 

In live trading mode - paper account through IB - how do I need to cast the MarginModel property to call the public methods, I wonder?


You're right, since Python is not strongly-typed it was easier to access those methods. When trading equities the initial margin requirement is simply 1/leverage. The IBuyingPowerModel type has similar methods such as HasSufficientBuyingPowerForOrder(SecurityPortfolioManager portfolio, Security security, Order order) and GetBuyingPower(SecurityPortfolioManager portfolio, Security security, OrderDirection direction) which will return the values that are needed.


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