Hi, just wandering if anyone else was having this issue. 

I know I'm not a programmer (I'm a finance guy) but developping an algo on QC is incredibly/slow painful for these reasons:

  1. Launching a backtest takes AT LEAST 20-30 seconds each time. And when there's a bug (which happens 99% of the time for a newbie like me) it gets really annoying
  2. The Research app only allows to test certain aspects but not all of the code. For instance, universe selection is not possible. Consequently, selecting a universe requires multiple backtests which brings me back to point #1
  3. The website itself is super slow.... as if the display was way too crowded. Im running on this setup

 So I'm posting this in the hope that someone could tell me that I'm 100% wrong with a list of tricks and ways for me to do things better. Basically, I want someone to tell me I'm an idiot and prove to me why. Thanks in advance,