Hi guys,

Finding the Universe function impossible to use. I simply want to add a set of all large cap pharma stocks into a Universe and trade on them. Therefore, need to add the universe using manual selection. OnData should then be able to access the stocks because in virtue of them being added to the Universe they are in OnData.

In the attached nothing happens because GOOG is not even in the Universe. Therefore there is no data to trade on. Please can someone let me know why this is happenning?

I know you could simply add the GOOG data at the start using "AddEquity" but doesnt this defeat the point of having a nice function to specify your universe if you need to add every single equity indivudally anyway...??

Can obviously see the appeal if you are using more interesting methods to specify your universe but is it really necessary if I already know which stocks I wish to trade on the strategy..?

Thanks in advance for help. Personally finding the AddUniverse function very difficult to use indeed....