I'm looking at the codebase and not really seeing an elegant way of submitting order properties on a single order. I'm looking to submit a StopMarketOrder, however also want to add order properties (IOrderProperties) that will tell the BacktestingBrokerage to CloseOnTrigger, thereby simulating Bitmex's Close on Trigger feature. This essentially tells the exchange to only reduce your position. 

I've only come across DefaultOrderProperties but looks like the intention is for all orders to execute with that, and is not included in the order requests (e.g. StopMarketOrder) but only used further down the stack.

Curious if others have wanted to do the same and how they went about it. Don't really like the idea of setting the Brokerage's DefaultOrderProperties before the execution, and then revert it back afterwards. Feels like you're likely to run into some race/multithreaded anomoly. OrderProperties does execute a memberwise clone so it should work in theory.