Relatively new to Quantconnect. Just discovered the research environment and much prefer it for coding. I have a few questions: I have scoured the Quantconnect forums and documents, but have not found an answer to my questions. I know how to do these things in the backtest environment, but apparently the capability of the research environment is much different. 

1. Since the hypothesis I'm testing is based in part on the right combo of coarse and fine universe selection factors, testing on a small fixed list of symbols in the research environment does not meet my needs. I know that Universe Selection (coarse and fine) do not work in the research environment. Pity, because choosing the right universe based on a certain combination of fundamentals is part of the hypothesis I'm testing. As a workaround, is there a way for me to import a CSV list of symbols filtered on volume into the research environment? .

2. Is there a way to filter a list of symbols in the research environment - similar to that in the backtest environment - based on multiple fundamentals and technicals? Maybe an 'if, and, then' approach? 

I know I can accomplish both of these in the backtest environment, but the notebooks are so much easier (and more familiar) to develop and test in.

Thanks much! H