I have to use R code inside my python script. I have made an simple API that accept two arguments, do calculation on digitalocean droplet using R and send back the output. 

I can use the through very simple POST request:

x = {
'x': np.random.rand(500).tolist(),
'adf_lag': 2
x = json.dumps(x)

res = requests.post("", data=x)
res_json = json.loads(res.text)

This works localy in python, but not in Qauntconnect

I saw this thread from January 2019: 


@Alexendre Caterino said you will allow 'Notify,Web method'. I gound it here 


but it says 'Webhook requests are limited to 20 requests per hour'.

In nutshell, is it possible to send POST requests, as many as I would like. I don't see another way to use my R function inside Quantconnect.