Hi Everyone,


I just want to know what's the best way to place an order for crypto. Its not SetHoldings but MarketOrder.

But how can I define the correct size I want for each order.

In my case i want to start with a value of circa 10USD for each order

But I'm not sure what value I need to enter of _weight to get an amount of circa 10USD for each Order.

For exmample: I got 0,12 BTC (1367,36USD) but I want an amount for eacht order circa of 10USD.

I thought I needed to give _weight the value of .009m (equals 0.9%) and 0.9% of 0.12BTC (1367,36USD) is a USD value of circa 10USD.

Is this correct?


                       //_weight has a value of .008m = same as 0.9%?

                       var qnty =(_btc, _weight) / price);

and the market order.

                      MarketOrder(symbol, qnty, price);


Is this the correct way to do it?


Thanks in advance,