Dear All, I have some questions about going live with multiple algos.

Basically I would just trade three ETFs using multiple algorithms. The algos are based on different time scale (min bar vs hourly bar) and different ideas (mean reversion vs trend following) so I diversify across algos although focusing on a few ETFs. So far I have different projects for different algos and I have tried to deploy them using my IB paper trading account. And here are my detailed questions:

1. Is that true that if I add one more algo I will need to pay $10 extra for the VPS? I am OK with the pricing but just want to be sure about it.

2. When switched to real IB account can I still deploy multiple algos for the same account trading the same symbols? Will IB allow that and how about the actual position in the account? Say, if I have two projects to deploy, I am thinking about simply use SetHoldings("SPY", 0.5) instead of 100%. I am thinking if the two projects are running truly independently, each algo will only use ~50% of the capital. I am not sure if the lean engine would detect the total holdings in your IB account and the SetHoldings() method would not fire if another algo has already established a 50% position.

3. Following question #2. If the multiple algos on the same IB account is an issue, I am thinking about a remedy of opening multiple IB and tradier accounts so each algo is only deployed on one account. With a single quantconnect account can I deploy different algos to different brokerage account? And what is the availability to short some popular ETFs like SPY, QQQ and SVXY in tradier. I know I can use the inverse ETFs to achieve similar effects of short but I am a little bit "lazy" to change the c# code to use inverse ETFs instead of direct short.

Thank you all for your help. May the profit be with you:-)