Dear Community,

We are in the process of upgrading our documentation and want it to be a shining best-in-class example of quantitative documentation. Over the last 6-months, we've been doing research in documentation from other industries and learning how people learn.

I would HUGELY appreciate your design input into the new documentation. Your input now into what 1) annoys you the most, 2) what we're missing, and 3) what you love about the current documentation will ensure the highest quality finish for 2021. If there are features you've come to love to depend on, make sure to let us know so we can carry those into the new documentation.

From our research we've condensed documentation to a few key sections which correlate to how people learn; 

  • Getting Started; something to get you off the ground in 2min.
  • User Guides; understanding the why's behind decisions and deeper write-ups.
  • Tutorials; step-by-step guides to achieve a specific goal without details about why. 
  • API Reference; class, method, and parameter breakdowns with minimal text.

Further, we've broken out the "QuantConnect Experience" into 4+ different "products" which will all need their own documentation. 

  1. Using QuantConnect [website] (only applies at*)
  2. Writing Algorithms (everything under the class QCAlgorithm/*)
  3. Research (everything under Jupyter/*)
  4. LEAN (the underlying engine documentation)

For example:

  • Using QuantConnect > Getting Started > Launching a backtest.
  • Writing Algorithms > User Guides > History > Structure of history data frames
  • Research > Tutorials > How to warm up your indicator in research.
  • LEAN Engine > API Reference > Class Portfolio.. Properties .. read-only Invested. 

We've also learned about style guides and the right way to write and word documentation. It is a pretty complex topic and it's given me a deep respect for technical writers! 

Please let us know your thoughts! It is critical to us making the best possible documentation for the community. Please drop your comments in the discussion below or if you want to send them privately you can email me.  


If you're a QC expert and would like to work with us to write the new documentation please let me know. We'll pay a fair rate and your work will be published open-source. Send me an email with a sample of your work and a link to your QC Account.