I received this email from IB, anyone know if this will impact live trading on QC?


Important Reminder About Your Account Security 

Dear Client,


As cyber criminal activity continues to exist, it is critical that all clients use the two-factor authentication login security we provide to protect your IBKR account. No security measures are impenetrable, but two-factor authentication provides a meaningful degree of enhanced protection. While use of this extra protection for your user l******2 has been disabled for trading platforms to-date, its use is now mandatory for trading platforms as well.

For clients who have used the opt-out as a means to facilitate automated operations, such login can now use the ability of the Trader Workstation to remain logged in for a week. This will require a re-login and with this the use of 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) only once per week.

To opt back into the protection for your trading platforms, please log in to Portal. Navigate to the User Menu (“Head and Shoulders” icon in the top right corner) and select Settings > Secure Login System, followed by the configure wheel on the right side of 'Secure Login not required for trading'. Please opt back into using the 2FA device by following the instructions on the screen.

If you do not log in to Portal before November 30, 2022, your username will be automatically opted back in.

For additional information, please reference the Trader Workstation User Guide. Should you have any questions regarding this communication or require assistance with the opt in of your device, please contact Client Services.

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