Hi everyone, we are excited to introduce the new terminal design! The community has already started providing helpful feedback across numerous channels, but we wanted to create this thread a central place for discussion. 

For reporting bugs or asking about functionalities, please submit according to the format below:

  1. What happened? (i.e. "my backtest won't open")
  2. When? (i.e. "anytime I try to open a backtest from my project")
  3. Where? (i.e. "the 'My Projects' view")
  4. Console Information: please provide any relevant information from the browser console, accessible in Chrome with ctrl+shift+i or in Firefox with ctrl+shift+e. Potentially relevant information will likely have a red or yellow background.
  5. If possible, provide a screenshot.
Other comments and questions are welcome too, even if they don't fit in the above format, just as long as the topic relates specifically to the redesign.