Here's another low capacity algo for you. You'll need to find more suitable stocks to trade a larger account. I do not recommend trading stock 'Y' with it as it is likely that a number of people are going to try that where I have published this script. That will likely ruin gains for that stock. I have a screener that can find suitable stocks.

This a mean reversion variant. I take the triangular moving average of the candle averages. Each of these candle averages is calculated by summing the open, high, low, and close and dividing by four. To calculate the distance from the tma to set the buy and sell points, I use half of the full range of the rolling window and subtract or add accordingly.

I have componentized the main calculations in the TMA2 class, so you can quickly copy and paste this component into more complex algos.

Use at your own risk.

Warren Harding