I've tried combining momentum indicators along with the vix/vix3m and vix/vix9d ratios as a mesure of contango/backwardation (I've tried the futures term structure ratios but Quantconnect's futures system makes me want to pull my hair out). I use indicators on SPY since I belive it's the "underlying" and more represtative of the underlying market that ultimately affects VIX values, and technical analysis on a actual ETF makes more sense to me. 

I used the SPY crossing sma as an exit signal for short volatility, and SPY macd as an exit signal for long volatility. I find that macd tends to "want" to switch every once in a while even when growth is sustained (but not gaining momentum) and provides too many false positives as an exit signal for short vol since the majority of the time the market trends upwards gradually, so I used sma as a kind of trailing exit. However for long vol I find that once the party is over you want to get out quickly before the spike crashes, so I attempt to use SPY macd as measure of momentum and an exit to get out and minimze losses. 

Additionally, usually when exiting a long vol position, much of the time the market is recovering even if temporarily, however due to the lingering backwardation this recovery is not always reflected in a short vol ETP such as SVXY, so I take advantage of this period by staying in TQQQ. 

If anyone sees something I missed or could improve, or has thoughts to add it would be much appreciated. (I've also gotten rid of the last 2-3 months cause the coronavirus crash makes any vol strat look amazing, including it returns are 58000%, without it 8000%)