Delta-hedged straddle

Below an example of a delta-hedged straddle on the SPY. 

Strategy in a nutshell: 

  • sell 1-month At-The-Money call and put options on the SPY, 
  • delta-hedge once a day (if delta above a threshold), 
  • close other option in case one is assigned (or both on their last trading day),
  • Repeat.
Update Backtest

Alex - Thank you for sharing this!! Excellent work


You're welcome ;-)


Hi Alex, thanks for posting this excellent straddle algorithm. 

LEAN has this method to get all American public holidays.

self.TradingCalendar.GetDaysByType(TradingDayType.PublicHoliday, startDate, EndDate)

Here is an example to demonstrate this method

Newbie here. I cloned this algo to understand the code (as I am learning). Why does backtest take so long on this? It has been running (successfully) for last 10+ minutes. Is it because the total time period for the backtest is 1 year and it is using minute resolution?


Alex Muci 

I've converted your code to C#, and added Jing Wu's suggestion of US Holidays:


if (TradingCalendar
.GetDaysByType(TradingDayType.PublicHoliday, expiry, expiry)
.ToList().Count != 0)
Debug("Expiry on Holiday");
return expiry.AddDays(-1);


Helped me get into writing something in C# as I'm better with it than Python- just need to buy some data so I can actually test locally (don't like the web-IDE that much).

Still not 100% sure I've got it selling both the call / put or that if my days are "off by 1".


My first comment is excellent work!  I am new to QuantConnect and have been using this project to learn.  I have a question however: What is the utility of the variable _assignedOption?  

It is being used only 3 times.

1x in the class declaration:

private bool _assignedOption = false;

And 2x in the OnData function:

if (_assignedOption)
// can't figure out Linq Portfolio.Where(x => x.Value.Invested).Foreach(x => {}) ??
foreach (Securities.SecurityHolding holding in Portfolio.Values)
if (holding.Invested)
_assignedOption = false;

So, my question is, how is the code segment in OnData that is executed when _assignedOption is true ever triggered?

It seems this is a bug. And what is happening is that instead of liquidating the symbol here, all of the stock position is being liquidated in the close_options:

if (Portfolio[this.equity_symbol].Invested)

I am not sure of the effect, but I don't think this is the behavior that is expected.


Hi Josh, look at my Python code.

self._assignedOption is true in case one of the two options gets assigned (event fire up automatically in the OnAssignmentOrderEvent function - such assignment is simulated by QuantConnect to recreate live trading situations). My choice was to closing all legs of the trade once one of the options got assigned (NB: buyers can exercise their American options before expiry).

Hope this helps.


Update Backtest


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