as I'm still not familiar with unvierse/alpha. I'm manually addOption for all the sp 500 tickers. if I run back test for 3 month it is taking very long time. also many times getting different crash errors. I noticed backtesting Options  are so slow compared with equity. I'm not sure, performance will improve if I move to QC 500 universe with alpha?  please help me on this.  any workaround to improve performance?
I plan to test a strategy for 5 years.  

SetStartDate(2019, 01, 14);
SetEndDate(2019, 2, 27);

//SP 500.
string tickersString = "<all 500 tickers as comma separated>";

string[] tickers = tickersString.Split(new string[1] { "," }, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries);

foreach (string ticker in tickers)
var equity = AddEquity(ticker, Resolution.Minute);
Stock stock = new Stock(ticker);
stock.EMA10 = EMA(stock.Symbol, 60, Resolution.Hour);
stock.NATR = NATR(stock.Symbol, 10, Resolution.Daily);

var option = AddOption(ticker, Resolution.Minute);
option.SetFilter(x => x.IncludeWeeklys().Strikes(0, 150).Expiration(TimeSpan.FromDays(45), TimeSpan.FromDays(120)));