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To use Local Platform, you need to grant it access to your QuantConnect account.

Log In

Follow these steps to log in to Local Platform:

  1. Log in to the Algorithm Lab.
  2. Start Docker Desktop.
  3. Open Visual Studio Code.
  4. In the left navigation menu, click the VS Code QuantConnect icon QuantConnect icon.
  5. The Project panel checks the following requirements on your local machine. If any of the checks fail, see the related documentation.
  6. In the Initialization Checklist panel, click Login to QuantConnect.
  7. Initialization checklist panel
  8. In the Visual Studio Code window, click Open.
  9. VS Code login popup
  10. On the Code Extension Login page, click Grant Access.

Log Out

Follow these steps to log out of Local Platform:

  1. Open Visual Studio Code.
  2. Press F1.
  3. Enter QuantConnect: Logout of QuantConnect and then press Enter.
  4. VS Code log out


Local Platform and the LEAN CLI share your login credentials. If you log in to your account on Local Platform or the LEAN CLI, you log into that account for both Local Platform and the LEAN CLI.

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