Local Development, Cloud Backtesting

Use your favorite coding environment to design algorithms and backtest on QuantConnect's compute cluster, and data store

Skylight is a cross-platform desktop application for integration with QuantConnect

Code Locally, Backtest In The Cloud

Skylight enables a new era in backtest combining the best of the local development with the power and storage capacity of the cloud.

Develop locally with your favorite coding tools and then send your code for backtesting on a cluster of 5GHz compute nodes with terabytes of data at your disposal.

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Automatic Synchronization

Your projects are automatically synchronized to QuantConnect, creating a cloud backup and easy access across your development environments.

Avoid copying and pasting between desktop and cloud and improve your research process.

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Skylight Roadmap

What's New

Version 0.1.10

May 1, 2020

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixes issue where projects with leading/trailing whitespace caused issues accessing, renaming, or deleting a local directory (Windows)

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