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lean cloud pull


Pull projects from QuantConnect to the local drive.

$ lean cloud pull [options]


Pulls projects from QuantConnect to your local directory, while preserving the directory structure of your projects on QuantConnect. The project's files, its description, and its parameters are pulled from the cloud. By default, all cloud projects are pulled, unless a --project is specified, in which case a single project is pulled.

Before pulling a cloud project, the CLI checks if the local directory with the same path already exists. If it does and the local directory is not linked to the cloud project (because of an earlier lean cloud pull or lean cloud push) the CLI skips pulling the cloud project and logs a descriptive warning message.

Local files that don't exist in the cloud are not deleted by this command.


The lean cloud pull command supports the following options:

--project <value>The name or id of the cloud project to pull (all cloud projects if not specified).
--pull-bootcampPull Boot Camp projects (disabled by default).
--verboseEnable debug logging.
--helpDisplay the help text of the lean cloud pull command and exit.

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