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lean live add-security


Add a security subscription to a local live algorithm.

$ lean live add-security <project> [options]



The lean live add-security command expects the following arguments:

<project>The path to the project directory or algorithm file to which you want to add the security.


The lean live add-security command supports the following options:

--ticker <value>The ticker of the symbol to add.
--market <value>The market of the symbol to add.
--security-type <value>The security type of the symbol to add.
--resolution <value>The resolution of the symbol to add. Defaults to "Minute.
--fill-data-forward <boolean>The fill forward behavior. true to fill forward or false to not fill forward. Defaults to true.
--leverage <value>The leverage for the security. Defaults to 2 for Equity, 50 for Forex, and 1 for everything else.
--extended-market-hours <boolean>The extended market hours flag. true to allow pre/post market data or false for only in market data. Defaults to false
--lean-config <value>The Lean configuration file that should be used (defaults to the nearest lean.json).
--verboseEnable debug logging.
--helpDisplay the help text of the lean live add-security command and exit.

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