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Instead of using the data from your brokerage, you can also use IQFeed if you're on Windows. Using IQFeed requires you to have an IQFeed developer account and you need to have the IQFeed client installed locally. This tutorial demonstrates how to set up the IQFeed data provider with the QuantConnect Paper Trading brokerage.

To view the implementation of the IQFeed integration, see the Lean.DataSource.IQFeed repository.

Deploy Local Algorithms

Follow these steps to start local live trading with the IQ Feed data provider:

  1. Open a terminal in the organization workspace that contains the project.
  2. Run lean live "<projectName>" to start a live deployment wizard for the project in . / <projectName> and then enter a brokerage number.
    $ lean live "My Project"
    Select a brokerage:
    1) Paper Trading
    2) Interactive Brokers
    3) Tradier
    4) OANDA
    5) Bitfinex
    6) Coinbase Advanced Trade
    7) Binance
    8) Zerodha
    9) Samco
    10) Terminal Link
    11) Trading Technologies
    12) Kraken
    13) TD Ameritrade
    14) Bybit
    Enter an option: 1
  3. Enter the number of the live data provider(s) to use and then follow the steps required for the data connection.
    $ lean live "My Project"
    Select a live data provider:
    1) Interactive Brokers
    2) Tradier
    3) Oanda
    4) Bitfinex
    5) Coinbase Advanced Trade
    6) Binance
    7) Zerodha
    8) Samco
    9) Terminal Link
    10) Trading Technologies
    11) Kraken
    12) TD Ameritrade
    13) IQFeed
    14) Polygon
    15) IEX
    16) CoinApi
    17) Custom data only
    18) Bybit
    To enter multiple options, separate them with comma:
  4. Enter the path to the IQConnect binary.

    The default path is C: / Program Files (x86) / DTN / IQFeed / iqconnect.exe if you used the default settings when installing the IQFeed client.

    $ lean live "My Project"
    IQConnect binary location [C:/Program Files (x86)/DTN/IQFeed/iqconnect.exe]:
  5. Enter your IQFeed username and password.
    $ lean live "My Project"
    Username: 123456
    Password: **********
  6. If you have an IQFeed developer account, enter the product Id and version of your account.
    $ lean live "My Project"
    Product id: <yourID>
    Product version: 1.0
  7. If you don't have an IQFeed developer account, open iqlink.exe, log in to IQLink with your username and password, and then enter random numbers for the product id and version.
    $ lean live "My Project"
    Product id: 123
    Product version: 1.0
  8. View the result in the <projectName> / live / <timestamp> directory. Results are stored in real-time in JSON format. You can save results to a different directory by providing the --output <path> option in step 2.

If you already have a live environment configured in your Lean configuration file, you can skip the interactive wizard by providing the --environment <value> option in step 2. The value of this option must be the name of an environment which has live-mode set to true.

Deploy Cloud Algorithms

The CLI doesn't currently support deploying cloud algorithms with the IQFeed data provider.

Supported Assets

Our IQFeed integration supports securities from the following asset classes:

Mutiple Data Providers

When you deploy a live algorithm, you can add multiple data provider. If you use multiple data providers, the order you select them in defines their order of precedence in Lean.

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