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The community is a great resource for support on developing algorithms. However, you can also subscribe to professional support from a member of quantconnect. Members in your organization need a support seat to submit a support ticket. There are three tiers of support seats available with various levels of support. You can add support seats available in the Support tab in the Algorithm Lab.

Support Seat Tiers



The bronze seat provides you with email support from a QuantConnect engineer. Your submitted support tickets will have a response time of around 72 hours. This tier is best for quants that develop algorithms with basic compute needs, and can write algorithms independently with the help of available documentation.


The silver seat includes the services provided by the bronze tier with faster response times, and up to 8 tickets per month. The silver seat also includes design suggestions for your project. A QuantConnect engineer will help you find the best way to implement your project. This tier is best for quants or a team of quants that develop algorithms with more complex needs such as large algorithms.


The gold seat includes all the services provided by the silver tier with even response times for email support. Phone support can be provided up to 1 hour per month, and up to 16 ticket per month. The gold support tier is recommended for trading firms who need quick reponses and design suggestions to keep your team operating efficiently.

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