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An organization is a collection of members that share hardware resources, share access to datasets, and collaborate together to develop projects. Hardware resources are used to run backtests, launch research notebooks, deploy live trading algorithms, and store project data. You can create new organizations and join existing ones. You can be a member in any number of organizations. We offer several organization tiers so you can tailor your team's subscriptions as you grow over time. For the times when you need access to a QuantConnect engineer to help solve development issues, assign support seats among your team. There are several tiers of support seats to match the level of support your team requires.

Organizations let you coordinate resources and teamwork on QuantConnect Cloud. There are 5 tiers of organizations and each tier has its own set of features. Each account starts with a personal organization on the Free tier with access to one free backtest node and one free research node. However, to accommodate the growth of your trading skills and business, you can adjust the tier of your organization at any time. Higher tiers offer more live nodes to run more live algorithms, more backtesting nodes for faster concurrent backtesting, and many other features.

Free Tier

The Free tier provides cloud access to datasets for all of the asset classes in our Datasets Market. The free data ranges from minute to daily resolutions and can be used to either run backtests or perform analysis in the Research Environment. When backtesting, Free organizations have access to our built-in auto-complete and debugging features in the web IDE. After a successful backtest, Free organizations can use our report generator to create professional-grade reports that reflect their backtest performance. Free organizations have access to our online documentation, community forum, YouTube channel, and Learning Center.

Quant Researcher Tier

The Quant Researcher tier is designed for self-directed investors, students, academics, and independent traders seeking to manage their personal portfolio. We recommend the Quant Researcher Pack to make the most of QuantConnect.

The Quant Researcher tier builds on the features included in the Free tier. Organizations on the Quant Researcher tier have access to the QuantConnect API and can use the CLI to run Lean locally. When members in these organizations need assistance from a QuantConnect engineer, support seats are available to request private support. Members within Quant Researcher organizations that have the required permissions can adjust the resources within the organization.

In Quant Researcher organizations, members can use second and tick resolution data from the Datasets Market. There is no limit on the number of projects these organizations can hold. They can produce up to 100KB of logs/backtest, 3MB of logs/day. 10 million orders/backtest, and can have up to two backtesting nodes to run up to two concurrent backtests. Members in these organizations can have up to two active coding sessions in the organization. After a successful backtest, members in these organizations can use parameter optimization tools to improve the performance of their backtest. When the members are ready to deploy strategies live, Quant Researcher organizations can subscribe to up to 2 live trading nodes to unlock live trading with real or paper money.

Team Tier

The Team tier is designed for sophisticated individuals and teams of quant collaborators such as Quant Start Ups, Fintech Companies, and Emerging Managers. We recommend the Team Pack to make the most of QuantConnect.

The Team tier expands on the features included in the Quant Researcher tier. Organizations on the Team tier can have up to 10 members and the members can collaborate on projects together. These organizations can produce 1MB of logs/backtest, 10MB of logs/day, and there is no limit on the number of orders that they can place in backtests. Organizations on the Team tier can have up to 10 backtesting nodes, 10 research nodes, and 10 live trading nodes. Members in these organizations can have up to four active coding sessions in the organization.

To accommodate a large number of projects in Team organizations, these organizations can expand the capacity of their ObjectStore up to 10GB. Annual contracts for onboarding services are available on request to get teams operational in the shortest amount of time. When live trading, Team organizations have more options than the lower tiers because both the Trading Technologies brokerage and our live Futures data feed are available.

Trading Firm Tier

The Trading Firm tier is designed for growing quantitative firms, prop desks, hedge funds, ETF companies, professional teams of quants, and sophisticated independent investors. It has special features for collaborating with consultants to protect the investor IP. If you are a company on QuantConnect, we recommend the Trading Firm Pack to make the most of QuantConnect.

The Trading Firm tier builds on the features included in the Team tier. Organizations on the Trading Firm tier can have an unlimited number of members and an unlimited number of collaborators simultaneously working on individual projects. The IP ownership of all the projects in these organizations remains within the organization. There is no limit on the number of backtesting, research, and live trading nodes these organizations can rent. They can produce 5MB of logs/backtest and 50MB of logs/day. Members in these organizations can have up to eight active coding sessions in the organization.

The owner of a Trading Firm organization can grant various permissions to the organization’s members, including designating a member to manage the organization's billing. These organizations have access to custom lean builds, so they can use feature branches or historical master branches to run their strategies. An example of this could be granting only a few members of your team live trading deployment access.

In addition to the brokerages and data feeds available to Team organizations, Trading Firm organizations can use Interactive Brokers Financial Advisor accounts to manage sub-accounts for clients.

Institution Tier

The Institution tier is designed for established larger funds, large prop desks, hedge funds, banks, ETF vehicles, and professional teams of quants. It is "unlocked", so you can run it on premise to serve your internal teams. If this sounds interesting, reach out and we'd be happy to arrange a demonstration for your department.

The Institution tier builds on the features included in the Trading Firm tier. Organizations on the Institution tier have no limit on the amount of backtest logs that they can produce and each member in the organization can have up to 16 active coding sessions. These organizations can use the Terminal Link CLI tool to live trade Equities, Futures, and Options via the Bloomberg EMSX. They can also request custom libraries and frameworks to use in the QuantConnect web IDE and receive instant messaging support from a QuantConnect engineer.

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