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Code sessions let you access a cloud hosted IDE to research and develop trading algorithms. When you open a project, a new code session starts running with the latest master branch of the LEAN trading engine. The session is ready to go with access to the full QuantConnect data library and the cloud resources of the QuantConnect technology stack.

View Code Sessions

The Projects page displays all of your running code sessions in your current organization. To view the page, log in to the Algorithm Lab and then, in the left navigation menu, click Projects.

Opened code environments

To open one of the code sessions, click the project name.

To stop the code sessions, click the stop icon next to a project name. If you log out, the code sessions don't automatically stop.

The left navigation bar of the Algorithm Lab also shows the running code sessions underneath Projects. The blue code session represents the session that's currently open. The gray code sessions represent the sessions that are currently minimized.

Opened code environments in navigation bar

Code Session Quotas

If you have a project open, it uses a coding session. Paid organizations can have multiple active coding sessions, but free users can only have one coding session open at a time. The following table shows how many active coding sessions you can have on each organization tier:

TierInitial Coding Session Quota
Quant Researcher2
Trading Firm8

If the organization you're in has more live trading nodes than your initial coding session quota, then your coding session quota increases to the number of live trading nodes you have in the organization so you can view all your live strategies.

The quota for free organizations is a global quota, so you can have one active coding session across all of your free organizations. The quotas for paid organizations are at the organization level. Therefore, if you are in two Quant Researcher organizations, you can have two active coding sessions in one of those organizations and another two active sessions in the other organization. These paid tier quotas are for each account, not for the organization as a whole. For instance, a Trading Firm organization can have more than eight members and all of the members can simultaneously work on projects within the organization.

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