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The courses in the Learning Center are structured in a way so you can complete courses at your own pace. The course structure enables you to improve your skills in finance, statistics, and software development while learning the QuantConnect API in easily digestible portions. The idea behind the course lessons is to focus on implementing individual strategies rather than learning just the theory.


Courses are broken up into multiple lessons. Lessons are made up of videos, readings, and coding exercises. Lessons break up the process of learning into digestible tasks. Each lesson builds on an understanding of the API from the lesson before it, so we recommend completing the lessons in order. The introductory video of each lesson demonstrates the process of completing the tasks in the lesson before you implement them yourself.


Lessons are broken up into multiple tasks to test your understanding of the course topic. Each task is accompanied by text instruction to guide you to complete the task. The Learning Center environment, where you complete each task, is similar to the regular web IDE used for backtesting and live trading. After you read the task instructions and run your solution algorithm, you are informed if you completed the task. If you need assistance, you can view a hint or the full solution file.


To check if you have completed a task correctly, backtest your algorithm in the Learning Center environment and then the result window displays your results. If you receive an error message, update the code and then run the backtest again. If you pass the task, you'll be prompted to proceed to the next task in the course. If you're having trouble completing the task, you can copy the task solution file.


A solution file for each task is available in the Learning Center environment. You may use it, but we recommend you try to solve the problem before you check the solution file. You'll learn best by solving the problem on your own. However, errors can occur when running backtests, so you may use the solution file to ensure the environment is running without error.


If you run into an error when you are working on a task, compare your code to the solution file. The error may be caused by either an error in your submission or an error in the backend of the Learning Center environment. In cases when errors occur in the backtest of the Learning Center environment, email us the following information:

  • The URL of the task.
  • An explanation of the issue.
  • A code snippet to reproduce the error.

You can also see our Videos. You can also get in touch with us via Discord.

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