Dataset categories are a way to identify different types of datasets in our Dataset Market. We provide many price, fundamental, and alternative datasets for you to use in your research and trading. Datasets that include factors outside of the security price are less researched, so they may have more alpha to discover. Incorporate alternative datasets into your algorithms so that you can make more informed trading decisions.


Geospatial data is data related to objects that have a position in the world.


Commerce data is data on customer and business behavior.

Financial Market

Financial market data is data on the trading activity on exchanges.


Consumer data is data on all aspects of consumers, including online shopping behaviors, consumer demographics, and consumer attitudes.


Business-to-business (B2B) data is data on businesses that sell goods and services to other businesses.

Transport and Logistics

Transport and logistics data is data on the transportation of goods and the logistics of the transportation.


Environmental data is data on the state of the environment, including meteorological data, biodiversity data, and pollution data.

Credit Rating

Credit rating data is data on the financial position of individuals and businesses.

Real Estate

Real estate data is data on residential and commercial real estate, including ownership data, real estate listing data, and real estate demographic data.


Web data is data on the behavior of internet users.


Legal data is data on the law, including new regulations, government website data, and litigation history.

Health Care

Healthcare data is data on patient-doctor visits, including claims data, fitness wearables data, and health record data.


Entertainment data is data on the media consumption preferences and behaviors of consumers.


Energy data is data on energy production, distribution, and consumption.


Industry data is data on various groupings in the economy.


Political data is data that's collected on political activity, including election votes and political party policies.

News and Events

News and events data is data that's collected from news providers regarding current events.

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