Backtest Management

Update Backtest


Update a backtest name or note.


A JSON object containing info about the backtest and new name. The /backtests/update API accepts requests in the following format:

UpdateBacktestRequest Model - Request to update a backtest's name.
projectId integer
Project Id for the backtest we want to update.
backtestId string
Backtest Id we want to update.
name string
Name we would like to assign to the backtest.
note string
Note attached to the backtest.
  "projectId": 0,
  "backtestId": "string",
  "name": "string",
  "note": "string"


The /backtests/update API provides a response in the following format:

200 Success

RestResponse Model - Base API response class for the QuantConnect API.
success boolean
Indicate if the API request was successful.
errors string Array
List of errors with the API call.
  "success": true,
  "errors": [

401 Authentication Error

UnauthorizedError Model - Unauthorized response from the API. Key is missing, invalid, or timestamp is too old for hash.
www_authenticate string

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