Onboard new team members to your organization through the content in the Learning Center. The Learning Center enables you to systematically track and monitor the progress of your team members on the courses you purchase or create. If you purchase or create a course, you can access it from the Organization > Resources page in the Algorithm Lab.

Paid Courses

Currently, there are only free tutorials in the Learning Center, but we expect to expand the paid course offerings through 2023. We charge for paid courses based on the number of members in your organization. For example, if there are 5 team members in your organization, multiply the listed price of a course by 5. When you purchase a course, the team members in your organization have lifetime access to the course.

Private Courses

Private courses are not for sale in the Learning Center. You can upload private courses to your Organization > Resources page, but they will not be available for other organizations to purchase. Create private courses to help onboard your team members while using the familiar Learning Center environment. Since the Learning Center has built-in tools to help you monitor your team members, you can track the progress of your team members as they work on your internal private courses.

This feature is designed for Institutional clients with large teams of quants on QuantConnect

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