File Management

Create File


Add a file to given project.


Project, file name and file content to create. The /files/create API accepts requests in the following format:

CreateProjectFileRequest Model - Request to add a file to a project.
projectId integer
Project Id to which the file belongs.
name string

The name of the new file.
content string
The content of the new file.
  "projectId": 0,
  "name": "",
  "content": "string"


The /files/create API provides a response in the following format:

200 Success

RestResponse Model - Base API response class for the QuantConnect API.
success boolean
Indicate if the API request was successful.
errors string Array
List of errors with the API call.
  "success": true,
  "errors": [

401 Authentication Error

UnauthorizedError Model - Unauthorized response from the API. Key is missing, invalid, or timestamp is too old for hash.
www_authenticate string

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