QuantConnect is built around organizations. A default personal organization is created for every account, but you can also create new organizations or join existing ones. Multiple users can belong to an organization, and share resources for backtesting and live trading. Organizations aim to give individuals and businesses the power to scale their quantitative trading on QuantConnect.

Organizations using QuantConnect have the ability to subscribe to more resources as needed. Many of the free features previously available for individual accounts are still available, however, the payment structure for additional resources have been updated to accommodate growth by organizations. As you grow on QuantConnect, you may need more live nodes to run more live algorithms and more backtesting nodes for faster concurrent backtesting with a simple monthly subscription.

Basic Features

At the top of the Algorithm Lab page, you can find which organizations your account is associated with. You can also change which organization your account is currently connected to allowing you to choose which resources you wish to use. From here, you can also create a new organization, for which you will need to provide a unique name.

An organization's homepage is located in the Algorithm Lab. The Organization tab, which is located in the Algorithm Lab, provides a central hub where you can easily manage your organization's members and resources.

Organization Homepage

Team Management

The members of your organization can collaborate on projects and also share the resources available to the organization. You can grant members various user-based permissions allowing manage resources and other aspects of the organization. Learn more in the Team Management documentation.

Resources Management

Every user receives a free B-MICRO backtesting node and R-MICRO research node. However, you can also add additional nodes, allowing you to run faster backtests and more concurrent live algorithms. There are a variety of nodes with different specifications that can be added to your organization. Learn more in the Resource Management documentation.

The Object Store is a project-specific data storage feature available in QuantConnect. Each organization receives 500 MB of free storage which can be upgraded on the Resource Management page.

Alpha Management

The Alpha Streams market place allows you to license alphas written by our community of quants. Qualified organizations can apply to be clients of the market place, giving them licensing access to the available alphas. Learn more in the Alpha Management documentation.

Organization Support

QuantConnect's community is a great resource for project support. However, for more personalized assistance, you can submit a request for support from a QuantConnect engineer. In order for a member of your organization to submit a support ticket, they must have a support seat. You can learn more about support seats in the Support documentation.

You can also see our Tutorials and Videos. You can also get in touch with us via Discord.

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