Team Management

Team Management


The members of your organization are able to collaborate on projects and share resources with each other. You can manage the members of your team from the Members page in the organization tab. The Members tab also contains information like the total number of members and the number of active members, which are members who have been online in the last hour.

The management system is centered around user-based permissions, which allow certain members to manage resources. The manager of the organization has access to all permissions and can designate specific permissions to other members.

Adding and Removing Members

You can add a new member by selecting the Add Member button. You can add an additional member using either their name or the email address associated with their account. Adding a new member will use a Seat of your organization, so your organization needs to have vacant seats. Note that the owner occupies one seat.

Team Management Page

Permission Management

Each member of your organization will have access to the resources available. However, you can also grant various permissions to your members. The organization manager has full permission for managing resources, managing members and designating permissions to other members. There a few different categories of permissions you can allow members.

Team Management Page

Node Permissions

Permission Description
Create Permission to create new nodes, specific to each node type
Stop Permission to stop running nodes, specific to each node type
Delete Permission to delete existing nodes, specific to each node type

Team Permissions

Permission Description
Add Permission to add new members
Remove Permission to remove existing members
Edit Permission to change the permissions of other members

Storage Permissions

Permission Description
Create Permission to write to the Object Store
Delete Permission to delete data in the Object Store
Billing Permission to subscibe to more space in the Object Store

Alpha Permissions

Token Permissions

Permission Description
Create Permission to create a new token
Delete Permission to delete an existing token
Read Permission to read tokens

Exchange Permissions

Permission Description
Read Permission to read from the Alpha Streams exchange

Project IP Ownership

All individuals on QuantConnect own their IP on our platform. Your code is private and only accessible by people you share the project with and with support-engineers when you submit a support ticket. At no point does QuantConnect ever claim ownership of user intellectual property. The only case where algorithm code becomes public domain is when they are shared to the forum. In this case algorithms need to be made public domain to allow the sharing of the algorithm code.

It is common when companies hire engineers to write software, they require their employees to sign an agreement which gives the company IP ownership of any code written for work. They need this because they're paying you to write software, and the company needs to sell that software to turn a profit. Similarly, the Organizations feature allows you to control who holds IP ownership over a project. Each type of organization has its own mechanisms for handling project IP ownership.

Individual Organizations

The Free Plan and the Quant Researcher subscription only allow single member organizations. This means you can't collaborate with anyone else inside the QuantConnect platform. Simply put, you own the IP for any projects you work on since you are sole collaborator.

Team Organization

For organizations which allow multiple users to collaborate on projects, the user who created the project owns it; this can be you or one of your teammates. If you add a teammate/collaborate, they can clone it, but the original project belongs to the person who first created it.

Trading Firm Organization

For Trading Firm Organizations, which are generally used by companies and funds, the firm owns all employee projects. This is made to suit firms that wish to hire consultants and need to ensure the code remains with the company when the consultant work is finished. You have to explicitly create a project in an organization for it to be created on the organization account.

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