Handling Data


LEAN passes the data you request to the OnDataon_data method so you can make trading decisions. The default OnDataon_data method accepts a Slice object, but you can define additional OnDataon_data methods that accept different data types. For example, if you define an OnDataon_data method that accepts a Tick argument, it only receives Tick objects. The Slice object that the OnDataon_data method receives groups all the data together at a single moment in time. To access the Slice outside of the OnDataon_data method, use the CurrentSlicecurrent_slice property of your algorithm.

All the data formats use DataDictionary objects to group data by Symbol and provide easy access to information. The plural of the type denotes the collection of objects. For instance, the Ticks DataDictionary is made up of Tick objects. To access individual data points in the dictionary, you can index the dictionary with the Index ticker or Symbolsymbol, but we recommend you use the Symbolsymbol.

To view the resolutions that are available for Index data, see Resolutions.


You can't trade Indices, but TradeBar objects are bars that represent the open, high, low, and close of an Index price over a period of time.

Trade bar breakdown

TradeBar objects have the following properties:

To get the TradeBar objects in the Slice, index the Slice or index the Barsbars property of the Slice with the Index Symbol. The Slice may not contain data for your Symbol at every time step. To avoid issues, check if the Slice contains data for your Index before you index the Slice with the Index Symbol.

public override void OnData(Slice slice)
    if (slice.Bars.ContainsKey(_symbol))
        var tradeBar = slice.Bars[_symbol];
        var value = tradeBar.Value;
def on_data(self, slice: Slice) -> None:
    if self._symbol in slice.bars:
        trade_bar = slice.bars[self._symbol]
        value = trade_bar.value

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